Peewee Senators Motown Classic Champions

The Peewee’s are off to another great season. Closing out last weekend with another victory at the Motown Classic Tournament, brings the Peewee’s to 10 consecutive tournament wins for the 2006 Senators.

A key to the Peewee’s success is that they “understand that its (success) strength depends on the ability to function as a cohesive unit” says Assistant Coach Phil Dollimore. “This is particularly important in tournament scenarios, where we play many games against top teams in a short period of time. We found that as the weekend progressed at the Motown tournament, so too did our team’s synergy; which reached a level that opponents struggled to defend.”

Even though the Peewee’s have had lots of success over the past couple seasons, they still face challenges along the way and this tournament was no different. The Senators found themselves down three players (two due to injury) in their first round robin game against Syracuse Nationals, and were down 1-0 heading into the third period. “By pulling out a tight 2-1 win over Syracuse, the tone was set for our team to be able to weather the many ups and downs that would follow throughout the weekend as we continued to play very competitive squads”, says Dollimore.

The Senators are currently sitting second in the GTHL Regular Season Standings with a 10-1-1 record, right behind their long time challengers, the Toronto Marlies. “The tournament format is a microcosm for our entire season. We aspire to win every tournament we enter, but our team understands that we need to place an importance on every round-robin game (as we did against Syracuse) in order to give ourselves a chance on Sunday. The remainder of our season is no different; we must focus on the next game, as it is a step towards any ultimate goal we may have” says Dollimore.

The Mississauga Senators organization would like to congratulate the Peewee’s on their #SENSational success this past weekend, and wish them good luck as they continue with the regular season.

Tournament Scores

Round Robin
Mississauga Senators vs Syracuse Nationals: 2-1
Mississauga Senators vs Sun County Panthers: 5-0
Mississauga Senators vs Chicago Fury: 8-2
Mississauga Senators vs Pittsburgh Penguins Elite: 5-0

Mississauga Senators vs Middlesex Islanders: 5-1

Mississauga Senators vs Toronto Junior Canadians: 4-2