Luka Profaca

Luka Profaca has been selected as the Bantam player of the month. The 5-foot-eleven, 140-pound defenceman is currently in his 4th season with the Mississauga Senators with Coach Jason Payne. His team is currently coming off a big tournament win at the Bauer Music City Invitational in Nashville, Tennessee.

Luka was born and raised in Mississauga, Ontario and still currently lives in Mississauga with his parents Rob, Jodie and younger brother Dario. He also has an older brother named Eddie. Luka’s love of hockey began at 4 years old when he started playing with the Meadowvale Ice Puppies program. Luka says “I played many positions but mostly defence since it is the most fun for me”. He was named captain this year showing his immense leadership skills and dedication to his teammates and the game.

Luka is an incredibly hardworking player with dedication and commitment to the game.

When Luka is asked what he loves most about hockey, he says that there are so many things that he may not be able to put them all on one list but states, “I love giving big hits. It’s a huge stress reliever and I love that’s in the game. The thrill and excitement. When I’m on the ice, skating fast, I love the feeling of cold air blowing in my face, it’s indescribable.

Luka Profaca

Lastly, the competitiveness. I love playing in the GTHL because the league is so competitive in AAA.  It always pushes me to strive to be my best every single game”. Luka currently has 7 goals and around 13 assists this season making him a key player to his team. Luka has been with coach Jason Payne since the beginning when he first took over the 2002 team. “He has been a mainstay on my back end from the very beginning and gets better every year. He’s very smart, poised and controls the point on the PP with his skating ability, decision making and shot. He has a very bright future in hockey if he continues to develop and work hard”, says coach Payne.

Hockey has not always been an easy ride for Luka. He has struggled with many injuries such as breaking both wrists and injuring many other parts of his body. “The biggest challenge is that you have to rest and not go to the gym or on the ice, you just have to take it easy and not do anything. I’ve recovered from all of them and am back to full strength” says Luka.

Luka is currently in his first year of high school and is focusing his attention towards his education as well as hockey. “I am currently focusing most of my attention towards my education. If hockey helps me to pursue these goals, then I would feel very fortunate”. Luka, with the time he has off the ice, also plays competitive soccer in the summer time. “It’s nice to be playing a sport outdoors with a lot of my friends on the team”.

The Mississauga Senators would like to congratulate Luka on his hard work, and dedication he shows on and off the ice. Luka shows immense passion to hockey and we wish him luck and success for the rest of the season.

Congratulations Luka!