This month’s Player of the Month feature is defenseman Jack Simon from the Senators minor atom team.

The coaches have recognized Jack as he has shown signs of advanced maturity for his age, along with a high level of athleticism and above average physical strength. One of the unique qualities that Jack brings to the team is “he is always mentally prepared to put in his best effort, whether it is for a practice or a game. He also shows a great deal of discipline as a player and is always looking to improve his skillset,” says coach Dante Spadacini.  Coach Dante recognizes that this is demonstrated by Jack’s commitment to working on his game to improve his skating, shooting and puck handling skills.

Jack is an individual who always puts the team first ahead of his own interest. Coach Mike Spadacini points out that “he is well liked by teammates but is also soft-spoken. Jack understands that being a team player is what will help him achieve his goals for the 2017-2018 season.” Jack’s competitive spirit and high tolerance of pain are noted by Coach Dante as he recalls on one particular game “he (Jack) was sitting on the bench fighting off his emotions, as he did not want to tell the coaches, that his hand maybe injured as he (Jack) wanted to continue playing and contribute to the team.”

By his commitment to improve both on and off the ice, Jack demonstrates a passion for the game and for wanting to be a better player every time he steps onto the ice. Jack acknowledges the coaches’ feedback and reinforcement. “He does this by paying attention and by executing the tasks that are given. One asset that is hard to teach but that Jack is demonstrating and is learning to keep his emotions in check, while conveying a calming confidence both on and off the ice.” says Dante.

The coaches agree that Jack is a pleasure to coach and are enjoying helping him grow in his hockey career, but after meeting his parents one can see where Jack’s love of the game and calm mannerism comes from. His parent’s are very active with the team and their son is a respectful and noble competitor. When Jack is not playing hockey he also enjoys playing lacrosse.

The Senators organization would like to congratulate Jack on being named the Minor Atom player of the month and we look forward to seeing him grow as the season continues.

Jack Simon Player of the Month