Anthony Tabak has been selected as the Minor Midget Player of the month. The six-foot-four, 180-pound power forward has been a proud a member of the Mississauga Senators organization for the last three years. He has enjoyed the benefit of being coached by Mark Filippone during his tenure with the organization.

Anthony was born and raised in Oakville and is the youngest sibling in his household. He has been playing Rep hockey since he was 5 years old. He likes to joke that he started playing Timbits hockey even though he had no idea how to skate. What draws him to the game are the challenges that he faces on a daily basis, be it from his own teammates pushing him to get better or an opponent trying to defeat his team. The competition drives him to offer his best and always strive to be a better player each and every shift that he is on the ice.

While Anthony was still developing his hockey skills he was cut from teams that he tried out for. What he found most frustrating was that he did not understand the reasons behind him not making the team. But these ordeals helped him become the player that he is today by motivating Anthony to focus on his hockey goals and teaching him that he would have to put in many hours of work in order to achieve his objectives. While Anthony may have experienced some setbacks, he said, β€œPlaying on the other teams also helped with my confidence and they were the teams I had the most fun on and met some really great people.”

Besides his size, Anthony has speed and he feels that players can find it intimidating when he is attacking the opposition. As a power forward he sees himself as a player that can also set up his teammates. While developing his hockey skills he felt that his shot needed work. He has been working on it for years and now considers it to be one of his strengths.

Someone who has seen Anthony play had the following comments about his game: β€œTabak possesses intriguing size and strength and was able to use it to his advantage. He showed quality skating abilities for a player of his size, allowing him to generate good speed and become near impossible to contain as he transitioned the puck into the offensive zone and drove the goal.”

Anthony is grateful for all of the support that his extended family has given him during his playing days, from his parents to grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. While he wants to see how far he can make it in hockey, he knows that the game will be a part of his life at any level. For now he is focusing on being the best teammate he can be, and putting the same effort into his schoolwork as he does into improving his shot. In the near future Anthony just wants to be around a team and players that help him to develop his talents. He would like to take the opportunity to thank Coach Mark, Alex and the team trainer Matt for helping him become a better player each time he steps on the ice.